[08/02/2012] New Rules For New Members and Server Owners.

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[08/02/2012] New Rules For New Members and Server Owners.

Post by [WzM]Delta on Wed Feb 08, 2012 10:20 pm

as from today. im placing new rules on wzm server owners. as i noticed some new people are abusing there admin status on server(s).

1. New Members just joined are not allowed access above 40 (unless they already had it befor joining. then thats ok)
2. New Members can only get access above 40 after 1 month. (what level is up to server owner and this should be based on trust not cause they are wzm.)

i dont want people to just join wzm for server admin cause they played on it a long time. all access to b3 should be based on trust.

xfire off?. need me? pm me.


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